CRAB STITCH EDGING aka Reverse Single Crochet

Here is a link for a video clip plus illustrations on how to do the CRAB STITCH, or, Reverse Single Crochet. It is an excellent edging…but I have to look at this video every time I need to use it! I’m not a crocheter…so I get rusty!


Here is a photo of the CRAB STITCH edging on my Sausalito Jacket.

The jacket is truly lovely and the edging crisps it up wonderfully! Well done! :cheering:

Thanks for the useful link! I am dreadful at remembering what to do when I put a crochet needle in my hand, so this will be a great resource!

The pattern called for the CRAB STITCH edging…so this was my first attempt at it! Oh my! Was that ever painful! :hair: I hadn’t found this cool video at that time! I think I took it down to my LYS, and she helped me grasp the concept!

Excellent job, ArtLady!
Crab stitch looks pretty decorative and gives a finished look.

Recently I found an easy alternative to crab stitch. You might will like it because it doesn’t require to crochet “backward”.
Here it is: *Chain 1, slip stitch *.

Crab stitch is just a single crochet stitch worked from “left” to “right” as oppossed to "From right to left…cause when you beg your “crab stitch” you are starting (I do anyway) at the beg of my work/row consequently your “wrapping” and moving down from the picked up stitch,creating a s crochet working from the left to right.When you “crochet” you create a chain, then turn your work and usually beg your sts from right to left…:happydance:

I love doing the crab stitch but I sometimes need a refresher course if it has been a while.