Cowboy Hat!

I am so excited about this pattern! A real knitted and felted cowboy hat that Mr. Stetson would be proud of, sized for men and women, and engineered to hold its shape, unlike most large-brimmed knitted hats, which tend to flop unless you wire them.

The pattern comes with extremely complete directions and lots of ideas for personalizing your hat. You can Western it up with a leather band and strings, or just make a winter hat that looks great and keeps your head warm. I’m still deciding what to use for mine, but I’m leaning toward some Noro Kureyon in an autumn-leaf color mix, and maybe some wooden beads on the brim.

The downloadable pattern is here:

(Check out the raccoon scarf, too.)

Awww I didn’t need to see that! I got enough stuff to knit as it is! :doh:


Wow wow wow!!!

Now I know (as suggested by another member) I can knit ‘anything’ but honestly that really really looks hard :notworthy:

I love the scarfs on that page they are great. Downloaded the polar bear one!

:hug: Sharon