Cowboy hat pattern!

I’ve recently completed the “Bubby” bear pattern from an issue of knitty
(, and wondered if a cowboy hat pattern existed for its size. My girlfriend is a real country gal, and she would definitely love the added bluegrass touch! It’s intended as a gift.
Any help would be much appreciated; thank you!


This book has a felted pattern, perhaps you could find it at your library?

Do you know how to crochet?

Go to her “My Free Patterns” section and she has a child’s cowboy hat pattern.

:smiley: Welcome Philip .When I first read your profile I got over-excited and thought you had a big interest in my home town…but that’s impossible. I have no idea why we spell it that why as it should be Redding .

Thank you for your suggestion, otherwise it wouldn’t have occured to me. But after having checked our library, they don’t have that book. However, they did have another which offered not “32 hats” like yours, but “31”, and it’s on hold now!
I’m afraid I don’t know how to crochet yet, but the pattern you linked to was the perfect example of what I was looking for, only in a knit form. Thanks again.

Thank you for the warm sentiments, Angie. If you had meant Reading, Pennsylvania, then I’ve heard of it, and your hometown isn’t as obscure as I thought you implied in your message. However, I’m not familiar with Redding. Either way, thanks for the unintended laugh!