Couple of questions

First, I dropped my stitch marker and I think it clicked up an extra row, but I’m not sure. How do you count to know how many rows you’ve knitted? I tried counting the v’s, but then I didn’t know if you counted the stitches on the needle as a row too.

Second, I’m going to attempt to knit my first pattern. This will be the first time that I’ve had to change colors in the middle of the row. I think I undertand how to do that, but I was wondering if there is a way to carry the old yarn along a row or do you have to cut the ends every time the color changes within a row?

thanks in advance!

I don’t count the stitches on the needle as a finished row. That will be row number ‘whatever’ when you knit it, so you don’t count it as a completed one.
When I count rows, I ususally put the tip of my needle in the hole of each stitch–makes it easier to keep track.

For your color changes, do you mean an intarsia pattern in the middle? Or do you mean a stripe?

I mean an intarsia pattern. I’m making a bunny in the middle of my backpack.

The easiest way to knit intarsia is back and forth. You knit in the main color up to the bunny, knit in the contrasting color, attach a new strand of main color. Then you just knit back and forth–no cutting or reattaching necessary. Just make sure that you twist your yarns to avoid holes. I find that all I have to do to make sure this happens is to hold the yarn I’m dropping over to the left before I pick up my new yarn.