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Now that my computer has been totally rebuilt after its meltdown and my computer guru is out of the Trauma Unit (he’s recovering well, thanks, following his nervous breakdown and the effects of severe shock seem to get less every day), I want to post the results of the Guinea Pig survey for the Countonknit markers.

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A total of 15 KH knitters took part and completed the survey - 2 from Canada, 1 The Netherlands, 12 USA.

Everyone who took part thought it was a great idea to have something to mark their knitting needles with before working the pattern. They also liked the markers having two different colours to help tell increases and decreases.

Far and away the greatest advantage of the markers was the fact that they can be used FIRST, so if there were distractions while knitting, it didn’t matter, because the places for stitch changes had already been marked out.

The pattern I asked the Guinea Pigs to knit was Fan and Feather - it’s a basic lace pattern with a third row made up entirely of increases and decreases.None of the knitters knew in advance what the knitting sample was to be.

This was the same pattern that had nearly driven me nuts, trying to keep tabs on stitch changes on that third row and led to my getting busy with pliers and metal.

Below are some of the remarks made by the GPs (who all kindly gave their consent to my quoting their comments here)


“I had a friend over visiting when I got ready to start the rows that required the stitch markers. Normally, I would have had to put the knitting away because I just can’t count and talk at the same time. It was really easy to plot out my moves while visiting with her and I didn’t lose my place when it came time to knit. That was the best part, to be honest - that I could still knit something intricate without constantly having to say ‘Hold on, I’m counting.’”


“You have developed a beautiful product. Awesome idea. Marking exactly where you need to make the stitch (change), I did alot less counting.”


“I liked most the ability to secure them and then loosen to move and not have to knit to that point to remove, if need be.”

ANNE (Stonington)

“I loved the markers. They are functional and beautiful. I think I will order another set because while knitting the pattern that you sent, I wanted to be able to mark more than one section at a time. This has been fun. Thank you for including me.”


“I didn’t have to count my stitches so carefully. I was able to be distracted and not lose my place.”


“Overall, I really like the markers; they were easy to use and very nice. I got alot of compliments from people on how pretty they were.”

The favourite bead was English Meadow, followed by Japanese Screen and a new Millefiori tile bead (pix. on website at weekend).

The only ‘downside’ to the markers were that a couple of knitters said they got caught in the knitting but when I asked them to make a little more space between the stitches before re-placing the markers, that seemed to help alot.



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I’ve PM’d Limey, but thought I should apologise publicly…

I’m the Aussie “no show”… :frowning:

I was so keen to take part, and was thrilled when the markers arrived. I read the leaflet cover to cover, and then my pregnancy truly ‘got in the way’ of my knitting.

My Carpal Tunnel has only gotten worse over the last 2 months, to the point where I can’t eat a meal with a knife and fork the whole way through without one or both of my hands going completely numb.

The upside is Rohan will be born 1-2 weeks before his official due date, thanks to the lovely gestational diabetes making him a monster baby (already inching towards 8 pound at 35 weeks)…

I am SO sorry that I let you down, Limey. I was (and still am) very keen to use the product as it’s such a great idea!

I’m hoping that the CT will settle down while I’m still in hospital recuperating, so I can at least get Roh’s wrap finished to bring him home in. And then onto knitting some stuff for me… :wink:

Hi Tia

Many thanks for your private message and the one here - please don’t give this another thought - I’m not in the business of upsetting anyone, least of all new mums-to-be!

(As I didn’t get replies to my e.mails, I wasn’t sure what had happened but I’ll remove the No Show bit).

I’m sure I speak for everyone here when I say that all we want you to bother about is taking care of yourself and little Rohan and let us have a peek at him as soon as.

:hug:  :cheering:  :cheering:  :cheering:

LOL Limey aka Pommy