Counting stitches?

I can’t find a reference to this on the net or in a book… how exactly are we to count stitches? I’ve been knitting in stockinette, so would I count on the knit side? If I count on the purl side, would I be all mixed up? Please explain!

Thanks for your help! :grphug:

If you need to know how many stitches you have or if the pattern specifies a certain number all you do is count the stitches on the needle.

If what you really mean is counting rows then counting the v’s on the stockinette side or the purl bumps on the other side will work.

Okay, to be more clear: I’m actually talking about counting rows.

Here’s the thing: when I count the purl bumps, I get a number of 150. When I count each knitted “v” I get half that. So one of the ways I’m counting is totally wrong! That’s why I’m posting. I’m assuming that I’m doubling the number of rows when I count on the purl side and that what I really need to do is count the "v"s in front. Yes?


If you’re knitting in garter st, knitting every row, you count 2 rows for every bump.

Count the V’s because the purl side has just too many loops.

If you ever need to count the purl side of stocking stitch work you will see little lines of interlocking upside down u’s and little u’s. You pick either the u’s or the upside down ones to count, don’t count both. As you found, when you count both you will find twice as many. I can’t think of a case where you couldn’t turn stockinette over and count the side with the v’s instead of the the little loops, but there may be one.