Counting Stiches...and other stuff

So, I just finally decided to pick up the Happy Hooker book and have been swatching this weekend. My question, you count the turning chain as your first stitch? I think I never kept up with crochet because I was always off count and got mad. It still seems awkward to hold a hook unless picking up a dropped stitch in knitting…but would you say you just hold it the way that works for you individually? I find that a lot of instructions say to wrap the yarn counterclockwise, but I seem to manipulate the hook more than I move my left hand with the working yarn around. Maybe that’s why I feel like I am clockwise-ing and not counterclockwise-ing?:shrug:

Also, as I am swatching, dc, trc, I find that I do a sc in the intial chain when doing dc, hdc, trc, instead of going right into the dc, etc. Is that wrong? trying to crochet into that foundation chain is a beeotch!:wall:

I don’t crochet much anymore, but I think you do count the turning chain as the first stitch. Just be sure to skip the 1st chain in the row you’re making the next stitch on or you’ll be adding extra stitches every row.

Not so sure about the turning chains and stuff cause I can’t visualise it (it’s 6.30am and I haven’t slept yet so might be able to tomorrow) - but when it comes to the hook, I move the hook much more than I move the yarn, so it doesn’t sound strange to me - everyone I know that crochets holds it a different way - I hold it with the hook facing totally upwards, and kind of push it on to the yarn to catch it then twist my wrist to pull it through - if that makes any sense (see: no sleep, above).

So yes, I think that, as long as you’re making the stitches, then you’re doing it fine :slight_smile:

whether or not you count the turning chain can depend on the pattern. Most patterns I read say to count the turning chain (of like Ch3) as the first stitch. Then you move to the Next set of loops to start. There are patterns where the turning chain is not counted as the first stitch, but I’ve mostly encountered that in round patterns, rather than squares/rectangles.

and about going into the foundation chain- if you chain loosely, it is easier. (it should look kinda loopy) If you add a row of sc before you start the pattern, it shouldn’t matter too much, but just be aware and be consistent. you want that sc row to have the correct number of stitches to start the pattern.

there are so many ways to hold and wrap- whatever works for you is fine as long as you always do it that way…

I was going to say what Marykz said. Sometimes they count the chain as the first stitch and sometimes not. Why do they do this? :slight_smile: Make sure to count at first because it’s easy to lose stitches and it is usually that first stitch or the last one on a row that is missed.

Marykz advice about loose is good too. Try to do everything a bit loose. It’s like in knitting you can work loose and your stitches are easier to do, if you need it tighter you can use a smaller hook and still work a little loose.

I find that working your chain row in a hook one or two sizes larger helps a bunch. It also helps eliminate the tightness of that foundation row. :slight_smile: