Counting rows as I look at the knitted piece

Sometimes it says to count rows and then I put the knitting down
and forget what row I’m on. How can I count the rows as I look at the piece.

It’s easiest if you just use a row counter. You can use anything that keeps track of what row you’re on. Here are a few different kinds.

To manually count your rows, on the purl side, count purl bumps. And on the knit side, count the knit Vs.

and aren’t the stitches on the needle count as a row, too? (I hope so, or I have been counting rows wrong all this time!) :shock:

Yep yep yep! They count too! Thanks for reminding me :slight_smile:

And is it just on garter sticch that you double the bumps? So if I counted 12 rows it really = 24? Right :??

Yes, on garter you count each row of bumps as two rows.

I don’t count the stitches on the needles as a row since they haven’t been knit yet. I’ve been looking in all my books to find a definitive answer to this but have come up empty.

I just use a row counter. It’s the definitive answer. :wink:

Yeah, but then you start knitting away and say around row 56ish look down at your row counter and sit there and think… "Did I click that for this row or was that the last row :?? " confusion sets in. There could be some throwing and possibily screaming…

That’s why I gave up on a row counter. I could never remember to click the thing and/or couldn’t remember if I had. I just put my needle in the first hole in the first stitch and count all the way up. As I said, I don’t include the loops on the needle as a row, but I don’t think that makes a difference as long as you always do it the same way.

Well, I make it a habit to always click it when I’m finished with a row. But in addition to that, if you start on the knit side, all odd numbered rows will be on the front, all even numbered rows will be on the back. So, if you forget to click it once, if your next row is on the front, you know you’re on an odd number row, and vice versa for purl/even.

Silver, you are amazing! The odd/even idea is so cool. Thanks for pointing out the obvious! :doh: :doh: :thinking: :doh: :doh: