Counting row repeats

**The pattern says to "repeat rows 8 and 9 three times. Does this mean you count the original rows 8 and 9 as the first repeat? If not, should it say 3 MORE times?

Yes, it’s always a challenge when patterns are written this way. Much easier when they say, 3 times more" or “3 times total.”

Sometimes you can tell from stitch counts and sometimes measurements help. Even the photo of the project can help. If there’s nothing else to go on, I work rows 8 and 9, and then repeat 3 more times. Mostly.

What pattern are you following? Can you give us a link or a pattern name?

Thank you for your response. I finally found a way to contact the pattern’s creator but, thanks to you, I think I found the answer.

Using your suggestions, I counted the rows on the Lace Chart and found that it means a Total of 4 Rows 8 and 9, plus one more Row 8. This is my first lace project and I am not accustomed to using charts but can certainly appreciate the author including both the charts and written instructions in the Pattern).

The pattern is the Meandering Lace Shawlette by Mone Draeger at KnitPicks. You are repeating rows from two different columns at the same time (one increase section and one lace section) and I find it terribly confusing.

Using another lace pattern as an example I am writing the lace and main increase pattern out line by line bracketing the lace instructions to keep it straight.

Two different charts or columns can often be confusing. I usually write out row numbers and cross them off as I go but whatever helps you along is fine.
Enjoy working through this lovely shawl.