Counting 'ridges' instead of rows

In a pattern by Coco Knits, it says to count ‘ridges’ not rows for sole of ballet flats. It is done in garter stitch. I cannot figure out what is a ‘ridge’? so ridge vs. row, any ideas or HELP! :??

Garter stitch creates “ridges” and “valleys” for lack of a better word, every 2 rows. If you look at your garter stitch, valley is 1 row, ridge is another row, so by counting ridges, you are also counting by 2 rows, so if you’d rather do it that way, i.e. 10 ridges equals 20 rows, that might work for you. I’m trying to find a picture to explain this better now, will post if I find.

A ridge is two rows. So each ridge creates a line of stitches. Here’s a part of a sleeve I did and I’ve added a couple arrows that point to the two ridges of tan.

K, I borrowed this from someone’s blog.

the middle is in stockinette, which makes the ridges and valleys I mentioned even more noticeable (I hope.) If you line up the stockinette rows (each row is an upside-down V) by the bordering garter stitch, you’ll see how one is next to a “valley” and the other is a “ridge”. Hope this is helpful!

This really helped me.:grphug:

Thank you!

Perfect pic… I have it now.