Could you help me out with this textured pattern?

I need help figuring out if this pattern begins as the wrong side or right side and if the diagram indicates a 2 st repeat on just the first row or does it mean on all the rows? I appreciate any help and I apologize for the stupid questions, thank you!


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What is the name of the pattern?
Just looking at the chart, it seems that row 1 is a WS row. The pattern itself is a 2stitch repeat.

Thank you! Sorry, this is the link : I’m trying to check my gauge but I don’t understand why the instructions tell you to use 13 sts when the textured pattern is a multiple of 2? Thank you for your help!

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The 13sts given in the pattern is the gauge, the number of sts per 4". That’s independent of the pattern repeat.
The pattern will tell you the number of sts to cast on and may be a multiple of 2 + some number of sts.

Wow I’m an idiot, it makes complete sense now. Thank you!


Not an idiot!