Could you help me decipher this?


I’m trying to follow this pattern, but don’t understand it exactly…any interpretations would be greatly appreciated.

The sweater is a ballet style wrap around sweater. Therefore left front starts off with 51 sts (at bottom) and gradually decreases to 13 sts at shoulder (with shaping for side and armholes in there somewhere)

Basic lace pattern consists of 24 rows. Gauge 23 rows = 4"

Pattern reads

“cont in basic patt…After 2 rows bind off for neck shaping at left edge 1 st on every alt row twice, then 1 st alt on every 2nd and 4th row 16 times.”

It goes on the finish this part of the garment at 16 3/8" from beginning.

I did the first part of the decrease which puts me on row 7 of basic lace pattern. Does the second part mean that I will eventually repeat the pattern 16 times, decreasing on every 2nd row and 4th row? That’s how I read it, but if I repeat the pattern 16 times, then according to the recorded gauge and the piece would measure 64 inches long!

Here’s a link to the pattern I am attempting and once again, your expertise is greatly greatly appreciated.


Decrease on every second and forth row that you knit–not on the second and fourth row of the pattern repeat.

So then I complete1 row, decrease on the next (2nd), complete 3 rows then decrease on the next (4th) and continue this way 16 times?


Yes, that’s what I would do.