Could someone tell me what "turn and knit back" means exactly?

my pattern says Row 1 slip 1 stitch, K 3, yarn over, K 10, turn and Knit back. (Pattern is at –
thanks for any help that you can give. I am a beginner. :aww:

You’re doing short rows, so after your K10, you’ll have 2 sts left on the needle (if I counted correctly). Forget about those 2 sts, and turn as though you’ve finished the row and work in the other direction, leaving them on the needle, unworked. Do this when it says, and you’ll see at the end of the set of directions, it says to knit across the row. So you’ll go all the way to the end of that row (without leaving sts on the needle like in the previous rows).

Thanks Wenda. I will give it another try. I appreciate it!!