Could someone give me advice on setting up a webpage?

I have no idea where to go, but would like to set up a personal webpage and blog away. I do have Roadrunner which offers a personal page but I don’t know how big that can be. I tried it once but didn’t have the patience to do it right. Maybe I need to try again.

What are your experiences and what do you think the easiest way to go about this is. ! Keeping in mind I am not that technical. I also might want to sell some knitted stuff after I have enough to offer, so I dont think the blog spot place wherever that is might allow that.

Ohhhhh I really want to do this now. I’ve really enjoyed a lot of your pages. What do you think…

Gimme a PM we can talk either in email or IM about it :slight_smile:

You can always sell your things through A friend of mine makes her own lip balms and soaps and does pretty good business through them. They host the images, etc., and have a craft-oriented audience, sort of. They do take a commission on sales, though. I haven’t listed anything there, I have too much fun shopping it for ideas, but she seems pretty happy about it.

Blogspace is easy to find if that’s just what you want the site for. Xanga has 2Gb of photo storage for absolutely free and is super easy to update for journalling or posting images. I don’t know about Blogger or LiveJournal.