Could anyone suggest a pattern?

I just received 3 skeins of Knit Picks Elegance (yummy) in the mail in Coal and I want to make something for my boyfriend. I’ve made him scarves and fingerless mitts (for taking photos outside in the snow) and was thinking maybe a hat. I wonder if anyone has a suggestion for a fairly easy “manly” hat pattern? I’ve looked around and there are so many, I can’t decide so I’m hoping for some suggestions. (OK. I just really want to begin working with this wonderful yarn)

Never mind…

So what hat did you decide on? I agree, there are so many free patterns available sometimes the pattern-picking is the hardest part!

I didn’t, I’m still looking… I think I’m being to picky…

Too many patterns to choose from. I have that trouble too.
Maybe one of these? All are suitable for man and for yarn weight you have.
beanie with bill/peak.

interesting decrease lines
top down rib

2 x classics

Wow! Those are great links! I see several options that I think he’ll like. Thanks so much. I agree, sometimes there are [I]too many [/I]things to choose from!

I think I’m going to do this one! Thanks for the link, I’ll cast on tonight!

Glad I could help. :thumbsup: