Has anyone used 100% cotton to make a purse or bag? What other items have you knitted with cotton, other than dishcloths? I’m considering making a purse from cotton but would rather get some opinions on it.


I’ve used it for a couple of bags, albeit in crochet. I used plain ol’ dishcloth worsted weight for two that I can think of, and I used a combination of Lustersheen and South Maid thread for another at Christmastime. I like using cotton for bags and purses because it doesn’t stretch as much as other yarns I have tried using. They are all very durable too.

I’m currently knitting the Prairie Tunic (IK Spring '06) in cotton. It’s Rowan 4-ply, fingering weight. So far, so good. When it comes time to clean it, I know not to put it in the dryer. I’ll hand wash it, even though it says it can be machine washed.

I am currently knitting a child’s sweater (my 1st in 20 years!) with Plymouth Fantasy Naturale 100% cotton 4 1/2 sts = 1" on sz. 8. It is a gorgeous soft yarn, has some give, very nice to work with – comes in gorgeous colors AND is machine washable.

I have also Lilly cotton (worsted weight) to crochet a child’s sweater, and some fingerweight cotton, that i bought from a weaver, for a baby sweater.

I love working with cotton and think any of these would work for a purse.

I crocheted a purse last summer in Butterfly cotton yarn. It was my favorite purse all summer and washed beautifully. I did line it, just with cotton. I’ve done the Haiku sweater in some old cotton blended with a little acrylic. Sorry I don’t remember the name of this yarn. I found it in my stash. I find cotton doesn’t stretch while knitting it, and sometimes I find that slows me down or messes with my tension. But I’m getting better at it! samm

Yes, cotton doesn’t stretch like wool, so it does take some adjustment. However, the strands of Plymouth Fantasy Naturale are woven together, so that weave does give this cotton some give! :wink:

I’ve knitted little tanks for my girl or sweaters… and I just knitted the bag from Nicki E’s floral book out of cotton… scarves too… :thumbsup:

I knew I could depend on you guys for advice. Thanks!

Knitpicks has some really nice cotton yarn called Shine. It comes in sport weight and worsted. I just finished two baby sweaters in the sport weight and they are incredibly soft. The label says machine wash and dry.

Shine has a little resiliency to it also. I just swatched some and its in the wash as I speak along with a load of highschoolboy grubbies…

I just made this little “girlie” purse from Berroco Cotton Twist.

It reminds me of the “pockets” I saw pictured in Mother Goose rhymes.

“Lucy Locket lost her pocket, Kitty Fisher found it.
There was not a penny in it, but a ribbon round it.”

What a pretty purse.