Cotton Yarn

I’ve used Lily, Lion Brand, and Bernat cottons and was wondering if anyone else knew of any good cotton yarns (not real expensive) to use for dishcloths (as gifts). I’m making the Winter Wonder Cloths as hostess gifts for Christmas and out of the 3 yarns I’ve listed, I prefer Lily the most - but they tend to split. I want the cloths to look nice, but still be functional. Thanks in advance!

TLC Cotton plus is a blend but is super absorbant and has a nice sheen! It’s not expensive and personally, I love to knit with it.

My favorite dishcloth cotton is Tahki Yarns Cotton Classic. It’s a finer yarn so it dries better and the colors are gorgeous! I guess it’s not in the cheap category, but I thought I’d share anyway as it would make a nice gift dishcloth. I’ve seen it priced from $5-6 a skein and maybe less on sale.

Here’s a few I made from it. I have more yarn to make more…one of these days. :teehee:

I like Lion brand cotton ease for a spa type cloth.
ETA it’s a cotton blend not 100% cotton.