Cotton yarn type?

What is cotton yarn 8/4? Is it like the cotton that you use to make wash cloths with, or more like crochet cotton thread like for doilies? I like this crochet pattern, but unsure of what type of yarn this is. Can anybody enlighten me or maybe give me the name of a company that makes this so I can order it online?

Based on the number of stitches around (117 I think) and the look of the stitches themselves, I’m thinking it’s a light worsted weight yarn. You might do a test swatch and see how many sts per inch you get with the yarn you have in mind and see how it would work out. I think it would be more like the wash cloth yarn than crochet thread. It looks like it shouldn’t be hard to adjust the number of sts to fit your gauge…unless I’m reading the pattern wrong and there is a more complicated stitch pattern that I’m missing.

That looks like cotton thread to me. The kind you use to tat with.

The first number means the plies, an 8 ply would be dk or light worsted.

This may be helpful on the cotton yarn. Scroll down to just after the video on wraps per inch.

That shows it the reverse from what I’ve always understood it to be. Here’s another article.

So what size crochet hook does the pattern say to use? That will help figure it out. If it’s a tiny number, then that would be a steel hook and it should be a thin yarn, if it’s a ‘normal’ number or letter, it would be a heavier yarn.

The pattern calls for a 3 mm hook. This is somewhere between an American C and D hook. I would say you’re right about it’s being crochet cotton. A baby bootie pattern book I picked up recently uses crochet cotton. They use a size 7 or B hook. Not familiar with the crochet cotton. I mostly use yarn and larger hooks. Debating whether I really want to do this pattern or not. I’m getting older and the bifocals are getting weaker. Don’t know if I’d be able to see the stitches. Thanks for your help.

You could try to find some #3 crochet cotton, that’s about the same weight as fingering, #5 is thinner, like lace.

I found what I think is a very similar pattern that calls for worsted weight yarn. You could easily add another color. You could add rows if it’s shorter than the other.

I’m looking at the shell stitch on the pattern. That’s what’s attracting me. I think that this is a simple single crochet hat with a shell stitch on the bottom. Correct? I know how to do a basic crochet beanie.

Tell you what. This is from the site.

You can use any type of yarn and crochet hook, for adjust cap’s sizes.
Use the yarn and hook you want and when it is the right size, stop increasing. Otherwise, I bet there are shell stitch pattern caps at Crochet Pattern Central. I’m short on time now or I’d try to find one. I missed that it’s a shell stitch before, sorry. If MGM reads this thread, she can explain in detail how to do it. I could do it, it’s the explaining I’m not good at.