Cotton yarn for blankets?

Has anybody used cotton yarn to make blankets? I went on to Joann’s site to look at what colors they had for the Sugar 'N Cream cotton yarn, and there were some reviews commenting on how they’ve used the yarn to make blankets. I’m intrigued about being able to make a natural fiber blanket that doesn’t need TLC in caring for it–just throw it in the washer and dryer and be done! Here’s my questions to anybody that’s made blankets from the 100% cotton yarn:

[ul]Are they warm?
Are they comfortable?
Did you use multiple strands held together to knit the blanket, and if so, how many strands held together?
What size needle did you use if you used multiple strands held together?[/ul]

I was thinking of making a blanket for myself, and also, I have a friend having a spring baby that I thought a cotton blanket would be really nice for–not too hot, but a nice, natural fiber.

I’ve not made one myself, not any blanket for that matter. But I know people have used Cotton Tots for example. (very soft and easily washable) The Sugar and Cream would work but might be a bit heavy. For a fancier and more expensive blanket people have used cotton classic, particulary to make Log Cabins, like in the Mason Dixon book. I have heard of people using Knit Picks Shine, a cotton blend. And Blue Sky , I think, has organic cotton which would make a nice baby blanket. I don’t think they would be as warm as a wool blanket- but a nice light weight blanket is good to have too. Babies need all different weights and thicknesses for blankets.

I don’t think you’d have to use multiple strands, lots of the cottons or cotton blends ar worsted weight.

I’m using Blue Sky Cotton to make some legwarmers and I would recommend it highly. It’s VERY soft and works really well on the needles. It was around $10 per hank at my LYS. That’s the most I’ve paid for yarn but I’m really pleased with it.

I just started a baby blanket out of Peaches and Cream or Sugar and Cream, I can’t remember which-it’s the one at W-Mart. I bought a big cone of the natural color and am making the dishcloth baby blanket for the grandbaby due this summer. I adore the way it looks and I may weave a ribbon through the border eyelets before I give it to him/her. I wanted something that could be tossed in the washer and then the dryer with no second thoughts. I’m also making the Sheep Motif Blanket from Baby Blankets Two by Vouge Knitting. I’m using GGH’s Goa on it. I got that from the Yarm Market. It’s a nice yarn and it knits quickly.

I’ve knit a baby blanket with Bernat’s Cotton Tots. I knitted it single stranded. I hated every minute of knitting with the yarn because cotton has no give. However, once it was washed it was super super soft and the parents whom I gave it too said every time they wrap the baby in it she falls asleep! Even though I didn’t enjoy knitting with the yarn it was worth it because it is washable and inexpensive.

I agree it’s harder to knit with, but a good cotton would be nice for a summer baby.

Personally I would not use Sugar and Cream or Peaches 'n Cream. They just aren’t soft enough IMO. :shrug: Bernat’s Cottontots, or something like Knitpick’s Shine Worsted would be very nice though.

True, the kitchen cottons don’t feel soft as you work them, but they get softer and softer the more you wash them.


True, but even with my dishcloths that have been washed a million times…just not soft enough. That’s just my opinion though. :wink:

What kind of patterns did you guys use for your baby blankets? Sure, I could do the standard garter stitch blanket, but I’m thinking I’d like to try something a little different, but not something with like a 20 row repeat. My attention span will fail me! :teehee:

I just bought some yarn online at Joann’s (free shipping!), I was looking for a cottonish yarn that would be soft, not a baby weight, and less than a worsted weight. I guess a DK, anyway online at Joann’s users rated a TLC yarn that is a cotton/poly blend, It’s supposed to arrive tomorrow so I will post the name then, can’t remember right now. They said it knit beautifully was soft and held up well with washings and didn’t shrink due to the poly.

I’m going to be a grandma in April, oh Lordy at 43!, and found a really cool baby blanket pattern. IT’s a knitted blanket, but you use a chart of a heart and a star, and use knits and purls to make the designs. It will probably take a good while to make it, size 6 needles, and I definitely will have to keep the chart close and my wits about me! So I ordered the yarn and will let you know how it is. I have not seen it in either Michael’s or Joann’s, just online.