Cotton, want bright yello, new to dyeing- advice?

hello all you smart people-

my daughter is attending this fabulous camp all summer called Camp Sonshine. (it is “son”-shine as it is a Christian based camp) She has some really great teen and college-age counselors. I want to make them some star or sun shaped dishcloths in YELLOW which is the camp color. I have the pattern, I have a ton of white cotton, but I’m not sure which is the best way to make it yellow.

Any suggestions? Would Wilton dye work on cotton? I think I can get Wilton colors pretty easily. Does Kool-aid make a yellow? (I’m feeling really dumb)

Some basic questions- I have the giant ball(s) of Lilly cotton. Do I take it apart and wind it into hanks to dye it? How much yarn per hank?

I’ve been reviewing some of the links from the stickies here- but I’d appreciate your input too-
(I’m not against purchasing specific supplies ; or if it just won’t work, buying yello yarn, but I thought this would be fun and use up stash…)
Thanks, Marykz

Check this link:

Not sure if those will work on cotton…usually have to use a reactive dye for non animal fiber.

cool- thanks!!! what a great site for info. I took the plunge and bought some fiber reactive stuff and supplies as suggested. I’ll let you know how it works out.