Cotton that won't stretch?

I absolutely LOVE knitting with cotton but have been really disappointed with the results. I have used a couple of blends - cotton & tencel; cotton & silk. But they both really stretch when I wear them. By the end of the day I feel that I’m wearing a sack. What’s the magic blend? I would love to find something that still has the joy of cotton and little of the stretching problems, yet doesn’t have the feel of acrylic. Suggestions?

I don’t have any suggestions for you but I am too very interested in the answers you get on this - my favorite sweaters are cotton but I am afraid to knit one for just this reason…Hope you get lots of responses!

This might be helpful. I haven’t tried or seen this yarn but would like to hear what others think of it.

I haven’t used it yet, but this looks promising

The problem is that the yarns aren’t bouncing back after being stretched out. Most cotton yarns have no bounce so once you wear them and move around in it, it stretches out and gets all saggy and floppy.

Have you considered something like Cascade Fixation? It’s a cotton yarn with a small percentage of elastic, and it makes the yarn keep it’s shape. I LOVE it for socks and am working on a pair right now. It’s easy to knit with, but you MUST do a gauge swatch to see what the finished un-stretched fabric size is.

I mostly knit sweaters. Do you think the elastic yarn would work for sweaters as well as socks?

Yes it would. Silver’s suggestion is a good one. The final item will be a little hotter of course to wear but it won’t be all saggy. Someone I know lives in a very humid place and her solution was simply to make everything a smaller size that usual. The items still give a bit but she prefers that than having non-breathable elements. Sounds to me tho that Silver’s suggestion would work well for you.

Great suggestions. Thanks so much.

I’ve used Brown Fleece Cotton Fleece and LOVED it! It’s 80% cotton and 20% merino. Cool, comfy lovely. I made this sweater for my Mom out of it.