Cotton Stretchy Baby Hat - Pattern posted

Hi there!
I make these baby hats a lot for friends who have wee ones so I finally typed up the pattern and posted it: Cotton Stretchy Baby Hat

It is knit with Cascade Fixation yarn - a cotton sock yarn that has elastic in it so it is stretchy. Does anyone know of other sock yarn like this that might be used as a substitution?

Anyway, let me know if you try it out or if you find any errors in it! This is my first time posting a pattern on the forums :slight_smile:

Thanks Lucy, you are a lifesaver!! I have to go to a baby shower next Sunday and I was looking for a quick little hat pattern. Yours is absolutely perfect. Thank you, thank you! :muah:

I believe Elann Espirit is just like Fixation. Thanks for the pattern! I have been specifically searching for a baby hat with this yarn.

Thanks! I’ll go check out Elann :slight_smile: The colors of fixation aren’t really neutral if you don’t know if you are knitting for a baby boy or girl!