Cotton Socks

Hey - has anyone made socks w/ cotton before? It seems the popular choice is wool. Any feedback on those who’ve tried cotton? Good? Bad? Indifferent? :thinking:

Very good so long as it’s a blend with a bit of nylon. A cotton, wool, nylon blend works very well too. Cotton alone is not stretchy enough, and your socks would stretch out (like when you pull them over your heel) and stay like that. :doh:

Ew!! I best re-think this Sugar’n’Cream sitting in my stash! :mrgreen:

Okay so - 11 balls of Sugar’n’Cream … whatever shall I do?? :thinking:

Hey Silver,
Didn’t I read that you made a sweater from s’n’c? What pattern did ya use??

I made a sock (note that I said “a” and not “a pair of” :D) from cotton yarn. It came out fine except for the ribbing which looks awful. I learned after the fact that cotton doesn’t rib all that well.


Yeah, I made “More Than A Sweatshirt” from Knitter’s #54. I’ve done it twice actually. One for my mom, and one for a friend in Seattle! :slight_smile:

Ooooo :shock: preeetty!! So the s’n’c passed the test? :cheering:

:shock: Wow! That looks just like my sweatshirt sweater from Eddie Bauer… I love that!
great job! :cheering:

This isn’t 100% cotton (of which I’ve never used) but it has 41% cotton, some wool, nylon & elastic and I will have to give it my recommendation as a most excellent sock yarn :wink: