Cotton or acrylic?

I made my nephew a baby blanket that looks like a tetris game. I think its really cool and I want to adapt for myself. The original pattern says to do it in cotton but I ended up doing it in a really soft acrylic. My question is would I actually want to do it in cotton? Would it actually feel nice or just rough? The only think I’ve made in cotton are dishcloths and some gloves. Everything else I’ve made in acrylic (blankets and clothes). Not sure if it would be ideal for a blanket though. Opinions?

Some cottons are nicer than others, but I wouldn’t do it in 100% cotton. It would never be as soft and cuddly as other fibers from my experience. A cotton blend might be okay though.

Yes, and all cotton can be heavy too. I’ve used Plymouth Jeanie, which is ~50-50 cotton acrylic blend for a blanket and it is very soft.

The all cotton yarns will soften up a lot with washing and drying in the dryer; if you air dry them they’re going to feel rough, just like towels and jeans. But you could use a cotton blend, or all acrylic, your choice.

The one thing rarely considered about cotton is it doesn’t acquire static electricity. If you’re in a moist climate, this isn’t much of a problem, but in the winters in colder, dryer climates, synthetics can make life interesting when you go to open a door or touch any other metal. :wink: If you’re susceptible to static shock, you may want to factor that into your decision, particularly if there’s carpeting where the blanket will be used.

I know about static because it gets very dry here, but I still wouldn’t do all cotton. Even if washed in a washer and dryer with fab sof it will never be as soft and cuddly as a blend for me.

I’ve used the Jeannie that Salmonac referred to, but only for baby garments and it was very soft and nice.

I like Comfy Worsted from KNit Picks. It is 75% and 25% acrylic. I don’t like 100% acrylic anything next to skin and will avoid it when I can as in isn’t very absorbent

Rowan CALMER cotton (75% cotton, 25% acrylic) is super soft.
I knit a log cabin baby blanket for my great-grandson using Rowan Calmer. My granddaughter says it has remained as soft as ever, and it washed up really well!

I also knit him a little sweater, and bibs, using Rowan Calmer.