Cotton Hoodie ~ Fini

Made with Peaches & Creme~ Ecru and Peppercorn Ombre, using a Sandi Prosser design featured in Easy Knitting, Spring/Summer 2005

More photographs at Staring at Needle Ends~

I like it - How does it fit?

Thank you AidanM~

Comfy is what I would call the fit. I actually like the panel additions that I did, they give the upper portion more room. I’m hoping with washing, it will get even more loose and soft.

Kind of a ‘hippy’ type garment I’d say.

I love it! It does look very comfy. I could see myself wearing a top like that at least 2 times a week! Great job!

I looked at your blog. I really like the pink socks! I posted a comment in your blog about it. :slight_smile:

Oh, I love it!!

It reminds me of those baja hoodies! I looove those. And yours looks really great - The ombre really did turn out lovely.

Why thank you Ms Carolina Red~
I appreciate you checking out the blog! :cheering:

Hope all is well with you and yours.

Thanks Rebecca~ I’ve been thinking about your washclothes. I think I’m going to try the petal one first. :happydance:

It reminds me of those baja hoodies

That’s what I was trying to think of! Yes it does remind me of those, and it was so inexpensive too.

I enjoy working with cotton. :happydance:

:cheering: :cheering: Nice Job … it looks very comfy.

Beautiful! :inlove:

That’s really cool looking! I love the way you did the stripes!

I love the effect you got striping the solid and ombre. It reminds me of a pendleton blanket I have! :inlove:

Beautiful! And it does look like like it will be so comfy that you’ll really enjoy wearing it! Bet it turns into your favorite!!

Very pretty- and I love your photos of it!

Oh, it’s beautiful. :cheering: I wish I could knit clothes.

Thank you all so much! :heart:

I’ve decided to gift this cotton hoodie to my sister, I hope she likes it.

This is really only the third actual garment that I’ve knitted.

It is possible. :cheering:

I was looking to see if you posted anywhere what you did exactly to fix your problem? I was totally intrigued with what happened to you and looking forward to reading about how you ended up finishing it up?

Thanks Carmen for your inquiry.
Starting at the armpit mark and leaving six inches short on the bottom, I pickuped and knit four inches along the sides in ecru to make the side panels, to bridge the ‘great divide’. To make the seeming less harsh, I used a three needle bindoff to join the panels. When I say I used a three needle bindoff, what I actually did was use a crochet hook to reach through and bring my working yarn through, up and over to my needle to bind off. In that way the seeming was much more even than had I sewn it, a more continious effect. I actually worked the bind off with my two knitting needles And a crochet hook all at the same time. Quite a feat for me! And my first attempt of the sort.
I then folded the upper portion of the panel and sewed the arm seems in a sort of T fashion.
I realized I was able to do this because this pattern is knit cuff to cuff and my rows were horizontal, had they been vertical, it would have not been as easy to ‘bridge’.

Wow! I am so impressed with how you fixed this. Since I have only knit a few garments, I love to read and see all about how the problem solving works, you know? I really appreciate you taking the time to explain your methods and show me pictures! You really did an amazing job.