Corrections for 101 DESIGNER One Skein Wonders

I have found the corrections page for the first OSWs book, but am unable to find the corrections for the latest edition. Does anyone know this link? I have looked on the publishers web site, but not found it very helpful.

If it’s a new book they may not have them up yet, or may not have any reported yet. You could contact the publisher and ask maybe.

A later edition will usually have all the corrections corrected, so there may not be any errors.

How do you know if you have a later edition?

As a new knitter, I struggle sometimes with just the basics. I bought the 101 Designer One-Skein and now I’m hesitant to pick it up and try some of the patterns (although it’s not like I have time to do everything I’ve already got going on anyway). But still…that’s frustrating. I would assume that I had done something wrong. Crochet-yeah, I could figure out that it was me, but…

Anyway, hope to know!

In the front it may say 2nd or 3rd edition, or you can tell by the copyright dates. If there’s more than one year, it’s probably a subsequent edition.

So, does anyone know which patterns have mistakes in them? At least I could avoid those. Or, if you don’t know which have mistakes, does anyone know which ones don’t? (I know I’m difficult, but I’m a newbie, I make enough mistakes of my own!)

I really like the way the book is laid out, with patterns by yarn weight.

Thanks in advance for any input!


Okay, we may be talking about 2 books here… There’s OSW and 101 designer OSW. I was confused when the OP wrote `latest edition’. The 2nd book does not have the same patterns as the first, so it is not the 2nd edition of the first one. There may not be any corrections available yet for the 2nd one. I suggest trying to email the author, Judith Durant.


I understand completely. The eyelet shrug pattern is not correct. I posted the pattern here and the 2 repondents were just as confused as I was. I even took it to my local knit shop and asked not only the owner, but the lead knit instructor to look at the pattern and tell me what I was doing wrong. If they can’t figure it out, I’m a goner. Just trying to say that I’m with you; too new to be able to determine what I am doing wrong and not always able to correct it if I identify an error.

Where might I find a contact email for her?

Perhaps at the publisher’s website. She helped found IK magazine and they may have a contact for her.

I’ve found errors in the Honey Tangerine Scarf in One Skein Wonders. I found the email of the contributor by doing an internet search on the store name. They answered and said to just fudge it. I’m not good enough at this to ‘fudge’ and I don’t want to. I’m very frustrated. Had I realized this, I never would have bought this book. There are just too many errors.

I found corrections online by searching 'errata 101 designer one skein wonders.
There were corrections for 32 of the 101 patterns. Many patterns had multiple corrections.

The corrections appear under Storey Publishing…

Hope this helps.

Here is a link for corrections

32 out of 101 ppatterns have errors. This book is a big disappointment.

well shoot… i have tons of single skeins and have had my eye on this book. but that’s a lot of errors. may just have to stay with ravelry and input yarn weight and yardage instead.