Correcting mistakes

I am madly trying to finish a throw by Xmas. Halfway through last ball of yarn. But that’s when mistakes get made. I have come across 2 mistakes in last 2 days that previously would have sent me into a panic mode, tears or both. But I looked at it, looked at the stitches in relation to the pattern and calmly went about correcting the mistake. Been knitting for 2 yrs now and at the beginning there is no way I could have done that. I would have thought, now I have to start over or afraid that I would make it worse if I tried to fix it. Actually it was a thrilling revelation of the progress I’ve made. So to others that feel the same way, take heart, practice does make perfect(or close to it).


This is very encouraging for new knitters to read. Everyone tells you to practice and along with usual benefits of practice you begin to understand the details and the process of each stitch. It makes correcting mistakes just another part of knitting and not an unrecoverable event.
Enjoy finishing up the throw and if you have a chance, post a photo. We love to see finished projects.
Happy holidays to all!


I love this. The moment when one realises how much they have learned.
I have this same experience with knitting.
Today shaping a sleeve shoulder I realised I was a stitch out and just calmly tinked back the bound off stitches and rows until I found a row with the correct number and reknitted the last few rows.

I agree with salmonmac it becomes just another part of knitting rather than a disaster. I know I still have heaps to learn and will enjoy learning and fixing as I hope.

Great news about fixing your throw, I look forward to seeing a pic.


I’m celebrating with you! That’s a big milestone. There’s no stopping you!