Correcting many mistakes

I’m very new to knitting and had only made a super basic knit scarf for my husband before embarking on my latest project.
It may have been a tad ambitious in all honesty, but my sister is expecting her first baby in early January & I wanted to knit a sleeping bag to keep this winter baby cosy =)
I found a lovely pattern with a hood and set about knitting. It is knitted in one long strip, starting at the front, it folds under and is finished with the hood.
I made lots of mistakes in the first 12-15 rows, before eventually getting the hang of casting off and picking up to make buttonholes… I probably should have stopped knitting, unraveled it and started again!
I didn’t, so as I’m nearing the end of the project I find myself wondering if it is at all possible to correct my mistakes?
What I’d like to know is this:
Could I pick up a row of stitches after the mistakes, unravel to that point and then work the pattern in reverse back to the beginning of the project? Or is this a totally daft idea?
Thank you in advance for any help/advice you can offer me!

Welcome to the forum!
Yes, you can pick up a row, undo the sts to the cast on and re-knit in the opposite direction. Eunny Jang has a video that describes the process starting at about 2:30 minutes:

(You’d probably like a bit more of the original yarn over on the end than is shown on the video so that you can weave in the end.)

TechKnitter also has a tutorial which works the same process but picks up the sts after pulling out the yarn.

Yes! Some ways of doing that leave a distinct line, some don’t. A lot depends on the pattern, but it will work.

If you don’t like the way it looks, if I understand your description, the changed part will be on the top front once it’s folded. You could always make it a different color so it looks intentional and not like a repair job.

Thank you for your responses, I’ll definitely give it a go! I’m making baby a bobble hat too, in another colour, I might use that colour to do my repair =D
Happy knitting!