Corkscrew scarf

I met someone wearing what looked like a corkscrew scarf. They verbally told me how to make it but I kind of forgot the complete instructions and was wondering if anyone knows how to make it.

I was told to cast on 80, then knit one row, then knit another row but increase each stitch so row comprises 160 stitches. One is supposed to continue to knit with each row doubling the one prior. The confusion is if each alternate row is a straight stitch row or if one doubles each row until time to cast off?


you can download the pattern from here. the pic on the site will likely look different than the one you saw her wearing but it appears that most corkscrew patterns are the sameā€¦just different yarn.

This is one I found. Maybe its what you are looking for.

hope the link works. =x


Thanks for the couple of answers to my question. Not exactly like the one I had seen, but does give me something more to go on then I had previously!