Corckscrew fringe

I want to make this scarf which can be seen here with a corckscrew fringe added. Anyone know how to do this?
What other fringe options are out there besides the regular “hangy yarn strands” that we see so much? Any ideas?

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This should work (and I already linked this page elsewhere in another post, so you might have seen it already!)

added a frilly corkscrew fringe, one of the many useful things you can pick up from Nicky Epstein’s Knitting On the Edge.

I love the fringe! Wish i could help you sorry… Love the yarn on that site too…

diary 01-corkscrew fringe

■corkscrew fringe (Knitting 2004/5 P72)■

Cast on over two needles or very loosely
(any numbers of sts)
Row1 K into the front, back and front again of each st across
Row2 Bind off purlwise
Use fingers to twist into a corkcsrew.

knit into the front , back and front

Hilde, I found this on a google search. Hope this helps…

Corkscrew fringe is worked separately then attached.
The length of the fringe will depend on the yarn weight and number of stitches you cast on. Start by casting on on 25 sts, just to learn what happens, then experiment.
Row 1: (Knit into the front , the back and the front again)
in each stitch. You are making 3 stitches in every
Row 2: Bind off all sts as if to purl.
Use your fingers, or a pencil to twist each tassel into a corkscrew. Hope this helps.

Hilde, A friend of mine sent this to me.

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I have been knitting for just one month. However, I went to the yarn store and bought a little kit for a hat/booties, and the hat had a corkscrew on it’s top and I was quite proud for figuring out the directions all by myself! The directions I had was to cast on 25, then knit in the front and back of every stitch and then bind off on the third row. It did indeed make what I called a pigtail, which I think coiled around 4x. Believe me, when I was done, I was doing the happy dance! :smiley:


Hey everyone! I tried the corkscrew fringe last night based on the instructions above and it works great.

Now I have been dying to try a scarf that is corkscrew…I have seen them around…just can’t seem to find a pattern for it…I don’t really want to buy a whole book either just for one pattern…

Anyone know if I could use this simple 2 row fringe pattern and expand it to make a scarf in a corkscrew…or anyone know where I can locate a pattern(hopefully something online) that will make a corkscrew design?


Go to Google then type in cork screw scarfs. The first you will see when the links come up is

The reason i am telling to do a google search is i went to the site typing in the link and saw different pictures than what i got from google.

I like the CSFS’S they show on this site. Hope you do too!

I wonder if you could make thick fringe, and then curl it with a curling iron while the yarn is slightly damp? Or maybe hair curlers?

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hehehe. just when i offer to make willie warmers.

I am a newly wed and was wondering where to get a pattern for the willie warmers as we will be soon moving to the mountains where it is cold :roll: :roll:

Here is a pattern for a willie warmer, which can be seen on this site along with other anatomically correct knitting projects. We were talking about this on a different thread a little while ago (sometime in early February?), but I searched like crazy and still couldn’t find the thread… however here is another thread on a related topic.

Unfortunatly, we don’t have pic on here of a willie warmer being modeled, in case your DH is interested. It could bring him fame and fortune!

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