Coop Yarn

Are we allowed to post about yarn coops on here?

Probably on the Buy/Sell/Swap board, I would imagine. :slight_smile:

Yarn Coop? :?? :?? :??

Anyway, if it involves selling/trading or buying then use the Buy/Sell/Swap forum.

ahh I assume coop is co. op … that one took a while to register for me :doh:

Yes…I was thinking chicken coop. Shows where my mind is… :teehee:

hehe I thought chicken coop too…but then I was like…hmmmm…no wool on chickens… uhhhh… then my brain shut down…

I thought coop too…I had visions of chickens…

Ahhhhhh I see. Co-op makes much more sense now. :teehee:

And yes, it still goes in the buy/sell/swap forum.

ha ha a … there is alot of coop city here in switzerland selling yarn and knitting needles and they sell organic food too… i m confused here ! :rofl: