Cool yarn shops in Charleston SC?

I’m headed to the beach for a week and the forecast looks like rain. Anybody know if there are any good yarn shops in the vicinity of Charleston, SC?

I found 3 listed:

7 Charlotte St. (downtown, I believe)
(843) 937-8500
This one, I think, is in a historic house.

Sash Sensations
958 Carmel Dr. (I have no idea where this is in relation to the harbor.)
(843) 795-8506

Needlearts and Yarns
610 Leisure Lane
Mt. Pleasant
(843) 216-5365
This is over the bridge from Charleston. I would call them to get directions. Mt. Pleasant can be confusing to drive in.

Have a good time! We stayed on Sullivan’s Island the Christmas before I learned how to knit, so I have never been to these shops. It was really nice, even in winter with quite a bit of rain, we had a great time. Fun museums, beautiful houses, fabulous food. Enjoy some seafood for me!

Thanks so much Sara. I’ll give you a review of the shops when I get back. We go every year (since it’s not too far from here) but this is the first time I’ve gone as a knitter.
I’ll probably eat enough seafood for everyone on the website!!! Needless to say, I’ll never knit a bikini for myself. :oops: