Cool Sweatery-thing pattern search

In the Fall 2006 (special issue) of Knitscene there is a really cool looking sweater/shrug 3/4 sleeve thingy that I NEED :roflhard: the pattern for. It is green and found on pages 32 and 86, but there is no pattern for it in the magazine. The pattern is for the leg warmers that are on the gal’s feet! It is just so cool. Let me try to describe it and maybe someone knows of a similar pattern or if it was in a previous issue. It appears to be circular where the top of the cirlce makes a folded collar and the bottom sort of scoops up, it is fairly loose and the sleeves are only 3/4. Why is it in a magazine with 50-odd projects I fall for the one item not in it?

Little feedback, I wrote to the magazine and heard back from them. Very nice response. Unfortunately, the “shrug” in the magazine isn’t knit at all. It is a woven shalwl that is pinned. The lady who answered my post did direct me to this pattern Borrocco Which is sort of like what I want but not quite. At least she had an idea instead of saying, “tough cookie.”

Is is sort of like this?

Disclaimer: I have not seen the picture you’re talking about. Why do they tempt us with which we cannot have? :wink:

Anyway, is it anything like this?

the pinwheel is more like it, but it is drapier if that makes sense. Thanks for looking, though. I knew this forum had lots of “pattern hounds” on it! :slight_smile: