Cool stuff for tweens?

I was poking around on the net for some interesting clothing patterns for my nieces for Christmas. One is 12 and one is almost nine and they love The Limited Too. Everything I saw was way too little girly for the grown up and worldly girls I am wanting to knit for.(Cause you all know how grown up and worldly 12 and 9 y.o. are!) Any ideas - or should I just make them some funky bags?

Rowan has pattern book for Juniors that looks cool. Also Luisa Harding. Hope that helps:)

Here’s a book to look at that have patterns for younger teens/teens.

Otherwise…a funky bag, shrug, cool scarf…

My daughter is 11, here is her wish list
She also likes all the wrist warmers like fetching and those little pedicure socks.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thanks guys! I saw that fragola cardi too - it is cute. Never too early to start Christmas stuff!