Cool kids knit afgans... A Teen Knitter's BlogThread

Hello everyone! I’ve decided to take on a challenge of actually keeping up a blog! Hopefully this will last longer than just a couple days ^_^;; Big honcho blogs scare the heck out of me, and I got nervous after I made an account. Plus, I didn’t really know anyone who had a blog there, and so no one was replying to my entry’s. Hopefully that won’t happen here, because you guys are awesome enough to listen to the incoherent ramblings of a crazed teen knitter :hug:

Anyway, I’ll probably do more stuff soon, but I don’t want to overload you guys with a thousand words (not yet, anyway. Mwahahaha…), so I’ll keep this post short for now. Just a little snipit of what’s to come. Think of it as a blogwarming post. Yeah… a blogwarming post.

That’s all for now folks! Tune in tomorrow, when Mari divulges one hundred facts about herself. Yes, one hundred! You won’t want to miss this!

Heh. I feel kind of random. Weird :teehee:

Bye for now!
Mari <3

Hi and welcome!

These blogs are better because you don’t have to leave the forum. The only ones who will see them are forum members and not even many of those pay attention to this section, but it’s a nice way to keep track even for just yourself. :wink:

Hey there! I am a teen knitter too. I always feel bad when no one replies to my entrys and stuff, like I don’t exsist. So, what are you knitting now?

Hey! Thank you both for replying :slight_smile: I feel loved :hug:

knitter819: Well, right now I’m knitting my very first sweater :smiley: It’s very simple, and nothing more than two blocks of stocking knit right now. I’m knitting it for my big sister. She’s going off to collage soon (tear), and she’s going to be in Oregon. Oregon is WAY colder than Hawaii. So I figured “Hey, why not give her the sweater? She’ll actually USE it there.” Plus, she’ll have something to remember me by. I’m going to miss her a lot… ah well, she’s not leaving for a few months ^^ It’s knit in a pretty basic yarn, nothing too expensive, and it’s a blue and white mix. I’ll post pictures when it’s farther along (and you can actually tell it’s a sweater. Instead of a giant blob of doom, which is what it looks like now ^^;:wink:

Hey, what’s your BlogThread called? I would like to find it and reply to yours :grphug:

It’s called: The Knitting Blog of an Adolescent…

There aren’t many posts. I need to update some stuff, but yeah:mrgreen:

mine is Knittingymnast Flips Into Knitting!. yay