Cool Clay Covered Crochet Hooks

Have any of you crocheters out there tried using a crochet hook that has been covered in polymer clay? I have seen them on a few blogs, and just recently purchased some for myself. I blogged about them HERE and thought you might like to know about them.

I think it would depend on how you hold your hook if these would be comfortable for you to use. I hold my hook with my hand over the hook, kind of like when you hold a knife to cut food. I’ve seen lots of people hold their hook more like you hold a fork, with the hand under the hook, or like a pencil, in which case these hooks might not be comfortable.

Anyone out there have any thoughts on these polymer clay covered hooks? I just love :heart: using mine! I provided a link to where I got them in the post referred to above if you’re interested.

Nice to be crocheting and writing about it again!


Hi! It’s so good to see you here! Congratulations on the awesome GPA!!! :woohoo:

Love the hooks. Those should make any happy hooker even happier. I’m glad she did the thumb rest part for you. Holding anything round like that can be difficult after a while and cause pain.

The owls at Attic 24 are too cool.

Enjoy your break from school and indulge yourself in some well deserved, hard earned pride in your grades!


You’re doing absolutely fantastic! :thumbsup: