Converting pullover to cardigan

Halfway up the back of this sweater, I realize that it is going to be a very heavy, very warm garment. It would serve me better as a open front cardigan. I am a very inexperienced knitter. Can I easily convert this pattern? It is a simple style - sew up the sides, inset sleeves. Front and back are basically the same - all stockinette. Any suggestions?


You could probably do that fairly easily by halving the number of sts used for the front, adding between 2 and 5 sts to each side (for a buttonhole/button band, the number depending on the size needles & weight of yarn you’re using…). That’d be the easiest conversion. You could also just halve the number of sts and add the front band at the end after you finish the fronts by picking up sts along the front edges. Just depends on whether you’d better like a horizontal look (first option) or a vertical look (second option).

Hard to say what to do around the neckline as you don’t say what type it is…

You’d want to do the buttonhole band in garter or seed stitch so it’ll lay flat.

HTH :hug:


Yes, that’s the thing - what to do about the neck. I may just set this aside and go back to it after I’m a little more experienced.

I wish someone (the shop owner perhaps) had advised me better when I bought my pattern and yarn. As a beginner, I think a huge project of stockinette is not good for maintaining interest nor do you learn any new stitches. Somewhere they should have a list of projects, in order of skill progression. A lesson plan of a sorts. I thought that Knitting for Dummies would be like that, but it definitely is not. It seems all books jump from knit, knit, knit to something complicated. In the catalogs they have Easy, Intermediate, Advanced - but it seems to be describing the pattern rather than the whole project. :neutral:

Got Amy’s CD - it is a huge help.