Converting pattern to larger size

I have a basic shell pattern size 2x I would like to convert to a 3x. how can I do that. Can anyone help me

thanks Lori

Can you tell if there is a certain ratio of stitches between the sizes? Such as a 5 stitch increase between a 1X and a 2X? That might give you a formula to start with.

yes 6 sts so I’ll do that

Thank you

The knitters on foruim have suggested on several occasions that if you just want to upsize 1 size you should use bigger needles. I haven’t done that; but they seem to feel that it works as well. (I still haven’t made anything for myself…coward!!!)

I wondered about this question myself, and then thought that if one were to take the number of stitches between sizes and use those to “up” to the next size that would work.

I also wonder about using the SPI as a guide? Wondering if there are say 10 stitches per inch and you needed an extra 2 inches on a sweater if you could add an additonal 20 stitches to size it up?

My only worry with that though then would be how to change the arm size lol