Converting pattern from 8ply to 4 ply..can you help?

hi there, I am new to this site…and would like to convery a pattern that is for 8 ply wool, to one for 4 ply…does anyone know a quick and easy way to do this?..thanks…janine


I think it depends on the pattern. If you’re just doing something simple like a scarf or blanket, I’d just double the number of stitchesand see how it looks. I suppose it’s possible to do the same for a sweater or something more complicated, but I wouldn’t want to have you do that and not have it work out.

Maybe someone does have a simple way, though.

With 8 :shock: children, I’m impressed you have time to knit, nevermind to do math.

What is it you want to make? Maybe you can find a similar pattern for the yarn you have.

hi and thanks for the welcome…its for a knitted nappy[diaper]soaker so not rocket science but i really like the pattern i have and wanted to use it…janine

Then it might we worth it to double the stitches in the pattern and see how it goes.