Converting pattern for felting?

Can someone give some advice on how to convert a regular knitting pattern for felting, specifically this one:

Thanks so much!

awww but why would you want to…look how cute it is…

i am not sure but i think if you used a thinner yarn you would probably be good…of course it would depend on how big the noggin is that you want it to fit on too

I would say knit a swatch, measure it then felt it and measure it again. That will tell you what % you need to increase the pattern size by, both vertically and horizontally.

But HOW do you felt something? Do you just stick it in the washer/dryer?

This is just a thought I’ve had lately - it appears that felted patterns have the same number of stitches as the unfelted ones - or darn close. The difference being that you use double strand of 100% wool yarn and size 11 or 13 needles instead of single worsted strand and size 7 needles or so. The felted hats seem to have the same number of stitches as unfelted, same with socks. I’ll have to experiment!

Thanks everyone! I actually found a pattern for a similar hat that’s suited for felting. I’ve made a sample swatch and I’m well on my way :slight_smile:

Love the hat!!

Felting will shrink your project by about 1/4. So if something is 12 inches across assume it will be about 9 inches when you are done felting. But, you can stop the felting process anytime when you have reached your size desired. Another suggestion is to check out other felted hat projects and just add the ruffle type brim to it before felting.

GOOD LUCK! :waving:

Don’t forget … it will felt more long ways than width… so it isn’t always just a matter of using bigger needles and bigger yarn. The FT Ballerina slipper pattern … the foot length is almost 24 " for ladies medium ( 9" long after felting) but not three times wider that your foot.

I thought I was going to felt a square for a pillow once … it didn’t end up a square… it ended up a rectangle!