Converting ounces to yards?

Does anyone know of a chart or formula to convert ounces to yards.

I have knitted a circular shawl pattern by E. Zimmerman with baby yarn a fingering weight. It only has ounces and I would like to know how many yards I need to knit it again in a better yarn.



There are usually around 230 yards per 50 gram ball of fingering wt yarn. There are 1.76 ounces to 50 grams. So, how many ounces do you need?

I have a question along these lines.
When I pick out a pattern and I want to use a yarn that’s not what the pattern calls for, I usually ask the sales person what is equivant to the one written. Or I pick out yarn, and then ask if the pattern I chose can be done with that yarn. Then she will tell me what yarns are OK and how much I need. she usually will determine this (I think) by the gauge…what will make the gauge correct between the yarn and the pattern requirements. Can I do this with out the sales person?
I think this is about 100 questions in the condensed version.

You are all terrific…my many questions have be answered by someone (s).

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A pattern will usually say if the yarn used is a worsted, dk, fingering weight, etc. Or the gauge can tell you what weight the yarn is. Thischart can be used as a guideline.

Then you need to look at the yardage of the yarn called for and make sure you get the same number of yards in the yarn you use. can tell you how much yardage is in a particular brand, or the yarn’s own website can tell you (if it’s not on the label.)