Converting mock turtleneck to crew neck on sweater?

I have finished a sweater that is a mock turtleneck with a single cable up the front. The first attempt at the neckline was too tight, so I ripped back a bit and added some stitches and bound off again. Now I don’t like how it looks, and the wool is quite itchy, so I’m thinking i’ll make it into a crew neck or something similar.

The neck shaping was worked on the front and back, mirror shaping, after the shoulders were bound off, with the same number of stitches front and back. The neck was originally meant to roll down.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I might convert this to a lower neck line? Would you just rip back to the shoulder bind off and do a rib to match sleeves and bottom? Thanks for your help! I’ll attach a pic, but it doesn’t show the neck all that well.

(Please forgive the outfit, I had just come from a yoga class and decided to take a pic right away, don’t know why I couldn’t wait until I changed. The sweater is meant to be slightly cropped and worn with jeans.)

Very nice!

Do you want to change the collar or the neckline?

For a collar you can just rip back to where you picked up stitches, or where the first row of the collar is, rib to where it is twice as long as you want your collar to be, fold it in and sew it.

Or you can just stop when it’s as long as you want it to be.

Another edging that looks good and won’t come up high is an attached icord or two. :shrug:

ingrid, i guess i was thinking to change both. but i see that changing the neckline itself would be difficult given the pattern. i’ll have to look into the attached i-cord before i rip anything out. and now that you mention that, there is a reverse crochet stitch that i remember using on another sweater that might look good as well.

in the end, i’ll probably just rip back to the point where the collar starts/shoulders end and play with it for a while. but for now, it will sit untouched as i’m through with sweaters for at least a week or so. i have another sweater to frog completely - it just looks horrible, nothing like the pattern pic as far as fit and wear - and i can’t bring myself to do either at this point. so i’ll start my log cabin afghan instead :teehee:


There are suggestions for necklines in the Vogue Knitting book… if you can get that from the library it may be helpful!!