Converting kids sweater into an adult size


I found a pattern for a sweater that I absolutely fell in love with; the only issue is that it’s written for kids. I’m kind of new to knitting in terms of altering patterns to fit different sizes (and kind of hate the stress of doing all the math also haha). This pattern seems easy enough in the sense it’s two rectangles sewn together with sleeves, no fancy shoulder shaping. Does anyone have any advice on if expanding this pattern to an adult size would be doable/easy enough or should I just try to find an adult written pattern and forget about this one?

Here’s the pattern:
(It’s a free download, I hope I’m not violating any rules for the forum! I’ll happily delete if so)

Adapting this pattern will take some math and some trial and error. You’re really redesigning the pattern. One easy way to enlarge the pattern a bit is to work it in a heavier weight yarn although this may not be the look that you want.
If you’re game to give it a try, work out a good sized swatch in the pattern stitch and then do the math to figure out the number of sts you need to cast on and work with. You’ll have to consider shaping the neck and probably the sleeves but if you’re familiar with sweater patterns you’ll have some idea how to do this. You may need to adjust as you go, maybe rip out and start over but be patient.
There are sites online to help as well as books like Ann Budd’s that are very helpful for basic sweater design. You might try your public library for the book.

Posting the pattern link is the way to go. Thanks for thinking of that.


Just a comment. I had a pattern I wanted but it was only listed in a book which I didn’t want to purchase for one pattern. SalmonMac suggested the library and I was able to locate the book. A suggestion I now will use in the future if another situation like that arises. In this case you might want the entire book since it’s more instructional. Anyway just my thoughts


Thank you both so much! I was able to put that book on hold already and am so excited to start working on this :slight_smile:

And thanks again for the library suggestion; seems obvious enough but I’d never even considered it!! Hahah now I’m sure my project list will skyrocket even higher :slight_smile: :grin:

Maybe you’d like to try out this online site which takes the details you put in and turns it into a personal pattern.
I’ve played with it a little myself although not actually used a full pattern from it yet but I plan to use it as the basis of a sweater or two I have plans for.

The sweater you like has a stitch pattern which I don’t know the name of, a bit like basket weave but I know it isn’t that… anyway, if you know how to work that stutch you knit up a good tension square and input your tension and size to the site, also you can choose style of sleeve, neck, length etc.


I would find an adult size crew neck sweater with same shoulder and armhole treatment and
just incorporate pattern stitch making sure
Yarn weight on pattern is same as on Other

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Thanks for the links :+1: