Converting gauge from crochet to knitting?

Hobby Lobby’s “house brand” yarn line, “Yarn Bee”, is frustrating to me. It seems that all of the ones I’ve used only list the gauge for crochet, but then also list a recommended knitting needle size, but with no stitch and row gauge to go by.

For example, for their “Icelandic Jewels” yarn, here’s what they list:
14 single chains by 14 rows equals 4" on size H-9 (6.5mm) crochet hook, then it says to use size 10½ (6.5mm) knitting needles, but how is a knitter to determine the gauge of the yarn? :wall:

Is there a way to convert the crochet information to knitting? The same millimeter size is used for the hook/needles.

I’m somewhat familiar with that yarn and there’s clue in the needle size - 10½/6.5mm. I’d call it chunky/bulky yarn. and their online store calls it a bulky. I think I read that crochet/knit stitches are roughly equivalent, so it may be safe to say you’ll get about 14 sts/4".

Thank you! I don’t know why they wouldn’t put gauges for both crochet and knitting, so this really helps!

Well their labels aren’t that accurate anyway. The Sweet delight solid color baby yarn label was recommending using size 10 needles, and it’s definitely a sport weight or even thinner. The twist version is thicker and is a worsted which does look good on size 10. The newer labels at least mention size 9 for the thinner yarn now…