Converting crochet pattern to knit pattern

I found a pattern for a baby dress in crochet. I never crocheted only knit. Can the pattern be converted to knit?

Knitting and crochet do not have a perfect one to one emulation matching stitch for stitch; there is no [B][I]conversion[/I][/B]. :sad:

These are two distinct forms of construction and their stitches have different looks. :sad: Tunisian crochet does have stitches that emulate knit or purl stitches, so a Tunisian crochet may be easier to redesign as a knit pattern. :shrug:

Things to consider in general terms:
Knitting makes a thinner, more flexible fabric than does crochet. There are specific stitches and combinations of yarn weight and tool size that may make them more similar but texture will always have a different look.

I would offer an analogy of knitting as brick masonry and crochet as stone masonry.
It considers only the size and shape of the stitches. Knitting stitches are more like bricks and crochet stitches are more like stones. Bricks are shorter in [B]height[/B] than stone: Knitting need more rows and bricks need more courses to match the height of crochet rows and courses of stone. The [B]depth[/B] (thickness of the fabric or wall) is thinner with knit or brick and thicker with crochet or stone. Similarly stitch [B]width[/B] is wider with crochet but less with knitting.

So you need to change stitch counts per row based on the target width of the fabric. Similarly you will need to increase the number of rows needed (based on gauge achieved in swatches) to match the length of the crochet fabric.

So, you see it is not a conversion or even a translation from one to the other; the task is that of creating a new design in knit that looks like the finished crochet project (and similarly with crafts reversed). Patterns can often be emulated between the two techniques, but I think you need an intermediate to advanced knowledge of knitting patterns to do this easily and well. Alternatively you may make lots of experimentations with stitch patterns and yarn and needle sizes in swatches to learn what you need to create a knit design based on the finished crochet project.

Much depends on the pattern and what it is you like about it that you want to duplicate in your knit project.

Share a link to the pattern or even to just pictures if they show enough detail to determine stitches used. There may be someone here able to help with elements of the design. :slight_smile:

There are lots of knit baby dresses, maybe you could find one that works for you.

:doh: How did I forget to mention that, Jan?

If you post a link to the crochet pattern you found or tell us where you found it, then you will have a better chance that someone here on knitting help may know of a similar knit pattern. :slight_smile:

I have a book “From Needles to Hook” ( converts knit sts to crochet sts…never used will sell…Will that help you?

I have never tried it but here is a place to convert crochet to knitting:

I hope this helps.