converting circular pattern to single point needles

I do not like knitting on circular needles. I am wanting to knit a baby blanket and I have absolutely no idea why it is saying I need to do this on ciruclar needles as there appears to be a right and wrong side (this is labelled so in the pattern). I have a great deal of experience knitting and I really can’t see any reason to knit this blanket on circular needles (apart from the fact that there are 144 stitiches!) Does anyone have any opinion about this? I always thought circular needles were in order to prevent their being a seam - but that is obviously not necessary here as there is no seam! Thank you for any help you can give me.

i am a fairly new knitter but apart from the large number of stitches not fitting comfortably on straight needles i don’t think circular needles would be necessary.

Thank you! I’m very experienced and thought the same thing. Just need very long needles.

For this pattern you wouldn’t knit around and around like a circle. You would knit back and forth. You would end up with a flat blanket. The circular needles would be used to hold all the extra stitches.


I can’t imagine doing this on straight needles. For 144 stitches it seems like they’d be jammed on the needle. But other than that it should work fine. I knit nearly everything on circulars.

Thank you. That’s really helpful. As it’s not in the round I could do that! Stupidly though, the pattern doesn’t tell me what length of circular needles to Use! I’ve never been a great fan of Debbie Bliss patterns…I think she makes things more complicated than they should be!

Thank you… the yarn is mid weight so it might be a bit much on straight needles.

I would go for 60-80cm for the circular needles. Everyone is right when making a big project they are better as u can fit more stitches on and as the project grows it can rest comfortably in your lap as the tubeing is soft taking stress away from your wrist and arms as the item grows and gets heavier

Thank you. It has 144 stitches of Debbie Bliss cashmerino do you still think I need that length of needle?

Personally, I’d probably use a 40" cable because I like to have room so the stitches don’t slide off the needles. I suppose you could try 32", but most blankets are bigger than that so it may be right to the needle tips.

What is the name of the pattern? If you have a link that would be helpful. Don’t post the pattern here though (just a link) because of copyright issues.

Thank you. I don’t have a link as it is in a book. It’s a Debbie Bliss pattern - Teddy Blanket - I think I’m sorted now!

This one? Cute! I’ve never done intarsia.

Yes! I made the cardigan ages ago and it’s really cute. - I really don’t like her patterns much though. However, my daughter in law has fallen in love with this blanket - although I’ve already knitted and crocheted several for her. Our grandson is just 12 weeks so I need to get going on this one! I don’t knit as quickly as I crochet.

It’s really cute and I bet the sweater was, too. My granddaughter is just 6 mos old now. :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to our grandson being 6 months… I’m not great with babies, I prefer them once they are responding more - although, of course, as he’s ‘ours’ he is very special and it was lovely having them to stay over the Easter weekend. I’m presuming given your sign in - you are in USA? I’m in UK! - although if you are US - you are up very early!! :blush:

Yes, I’m in California so the time change from UK to here is huge. :slight_smile: I think that response was last night.

I love the way people can chat across the world now. My best friend lives in New Orleans! It’s so much easier now than years ago when we had to wait for snail mail.
Love California. - we were there a few years ago and want to go back to do the bits we didn’t have time to do during that trip. Have you been to uk?

No, I’ve not been to Europe or British Isles at all. Canada, Mexico, Caribbean and of course many states though. :wink: It is fun. Lots of people here from around the world. So cool!