Converting a pattern from circ. to straight needles

I posted a question a couple of days ago about this, asking if a hat in a pattern that calls for circular needles can be modified into a pattern that can be seamed and knitted on straights. (just an aside: I’m not super lazy about buying the circs… I went looking for them at 3 craft stores in my city and nobody had anything even close to the sizes i needed. I’d buy them online, but I don’t exactly have a big budget for knitting, and since online is generally more expensive than buying them locally, i thought i’d give straights a shot before i splurge.)

Soo… Does anyone have any suggestions at all on what I should add to make it possible to seam? Should I tack on stitches on the ends? :??

ANY advice would be welcomed, including thoughts on whether or not this is even possible. Thanks!!!

(Pattern: the green one on the left/the pattern on the top)

I think it might be okay… you may want to make the two sides kind of long so that they can fit around your head… but it is defenatly possible. If you don’t mind having seams driven into your head :roflhard:

I know what you mean about having a small buget for knitting. The olny reason I can afford what I buy is because my dad pays for half. He says that knitting is a good hobby and he doesn’t mind supporting it. And I have nothing wrong with that :thumbsup:

You would add 1 stitch on each side for seaming purposes, and don’t forget that when knitting in the round, every row (round) is a right side row so when you transfer that to knitting flat, every second row will need to be done in reverse to take into account the fact that you will be turning your work after every row.

Just looking in a knitting book I have that describes ‘Purse Stitch’ and the instructions it gives are:
Use any multiple of 2 stitches (plus don’t forget your 1 stitch on either side that you’re adding for seaming)
1st row: P1 *yo, p2tog; rep from * to last stitch, P1
Repeat this row

Looks pretty straight forward. Might not give the exact same look but it’s definitely do-able.

Good luck.

THANK YOU!! That was exactly what I was looking for. Knitqueen, from what you typed it doesn’t even look like I’d have to really think about it, cause that purse stitch looks like its the same thing when reversed. (lol, I just finished a scarf for my mom with that exact same stitch, so I pretty much have it down.) Its just a matter of not confusing those extra stitches… but if that doesn’t work i’ll just break down and get the circs. Thanks again!

And lol dreamweaver, I’m in pretty much the same situation. Whenever I tag along w/ my mom to the craft stores, I make sure to sneak some yarn or needles in the cart… and I’ve actually gotten away with it a few times!

Actually, just looking at what I typed there it would almost make sense to use those P1 stitches at the beginning and end of each row as the “extra stitches”. They’re there anyways, they might as well be the seaming stitches since you’re joining it into a round hat anyways. Then the only stitches you will see once seaming is complete will be the yo’s and the P2tog’s. Does that make sense??? If you decide to go that route, instead of doing a P1 at the beginning and end of a row, I’d make it a K1 on the right side rows and a P1 on the wrong side rows to form stockinette stitch which is just easier for seaming in my opinion.

Yeah, thats what I thought you meant. Like add on the stitches at the ends, and once I’m done with the hat I’ll have the “extra” stitches at the sides that I can just use mattress stitch to seam the hat up with. Did I get that right? And while I have you here… would I do a YO between the “extra” stitch and the REAL p2tog? (ex: I’d start with an extra stitch, so it’d be P1, (yo??), p2tog) I think so…

I’m sorry for all of these questions! But you’re such a great help, I really really appreciate it. :heart:

Yes, you’re right.

If you happen to have a Hobby Lobby nearby, they put their needles 50% off about twice a month. Other than that, you can find some places online that offer free shipping on needles/certain amount of purchase or used needles at

Unfortunately, is no longer in business. She does say that she has some things still up on eBay, under the seller name greentara33

DOH :doh: That’s too bad! It was such a great idea.