Convert yarn weight to length?

Hi, all–

Is it possible to convert yarn weight (e.g. pattern calls for 10.5 oz/300 grams worsted wt. yarn) to length, e.g. xxx yards or meters? If so, how? Many thanks for any help you can provide!

This chart gives a general guide of yards per ounce per yarn size (fingering, worsted, etc). It will depend on the individual characteristics to the yarn somewhat and its stretch, and so forth. I think if I were calculating by weight for a pattern that only listed weight (ounces/grams) and not yardage/meters I’d err on the side of caution and go for the longer figure, i.e. your pattern said 12 ounces of worsted, the chart says 55-75 yards per ounce, I’d go 12 x 75.

I’m looking to see if I can find a chart with metric measurements instead…save you some calculation if you’re a metric user.

Is it for a particular brand of yarn or patterns? Sometimes the yarn company’s website has a few more details on yards per skein or ounce.

There are around 100-110 yds to 50 grams of worsted wt yarn, so you would need roughly 660 yds…but, as GM stated…yarns are different :wink:

Thanks for sharing that handy dandy chart, gardenmommy. I was looking for something like that because I recently bought 24 oz. of handspun alpaca yarn (from an alpaca named Spicy, isn’t that cute?) off of ebay and the seller didn’t know the yardage. But, based on that chart and this one:

it looks like I should have plenty for a sweater for my husband. (I’m working on my very first sweater with another bargain yarn I got from ebay for myself right now… I’m a petite XS and he’s a large tall so I figured I’d do mine first!)