Convert Mock Honeycomb pattern to round

I found a mock honeycomb pattern (flat) that I like the look of, and I want to knit a beanie (in the round). My partner wants a beanie that resembles a pineapple since the yarn is a mix of yellow and orange. :grin:

As far as I know you “minus” 2 cast on stitches from the cast on stitches and that the wrong side rows would be “reversed”?

The pattern calls for multiples of 4 + 1.
I’m not sure what to do about that +1 stitch.

Here is a link to the YouTube video:

Thank you :smiley:

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You may want to play around with this on a swatch knit in the round. It looks like you can drop a knit stitch at the beginning of the even numbered rows. The first pattern row, row 2 would begin with k0.
When you get to the second set of rows (8,10 and 12) you’ll have to decide whether to knit or slip the end sts of the row. Make sure that the pattern is offset for these rows.
The odd number rows are knit in the round.

Thank you for the advice :smiley: It makes much more sense to me now. I will do a test run first and see how it goes. Looking forward to start with this, thanks again. :blossom: