Convert crochet pattern to knit

Is there an easy way to convert a crochet pattern to knit? It’s not a simple flat piece though.

You may not be able to replicate the stitch pattern, but you can make a similar shape. Do you have a link to it or a picture?–philly-the-corgis

It doesn’t give you the instructions unless you pay of course. I do have the pattern though. If I can’t figure out how to convert to knit, I will just have to improve my crochet skills to be able to make it one day!

I tried looking up conversions online but I’m just not experienced enough in either craft to do it successfully.

This seems to be the easiest explanation so far, but I’m still not sure if this is very accurate. Not everything on eHow is good information.

Oh wow! That’s some pattern, cute dogs. You’re going to have to figure out the measurements and shape or draw it out and where to change colors.

If you don’t want to crochet (and it isn’t hard and you’d probably have fun and I’m the world’s biggest crochet enabler because I learned that first;) ) you can figure on about–and I say ABOUT–6 knitted rows in stockinette for every 4-5 single crochet. Garter stitch gets trickier, but you’ll want to swatch either way. If you knit in the round, and think of the corgi as a sock, it might help.
It’s harder for me to shape small items like those cute corgis in knit. It works, but it’s not as easy and the finished piece won’t have the structural strength of tight single crochet, so you might have to stuff the legs a bit harder to get them to stand.

I know the basic how-tos for the different crochet stitches, I’ve just never put them all together yet. I’m actually more afraid of the assembly and embroidery. I am terrible at sewing and seaming. I may just try the crochet and see how it goes. I really, really want to make this for my bf. Our Cardigan corgi is his pride and joy! He would definitely appreciate something like this.

Thanks both of you for the tips.

I looked at the photos of the Corgis and at the eHow suggestions.

What the eHow suggestions seem to do is just give the equivalent height in stitches: 1 row of crochet sc = this much knitting, and on up the line as the crochet sts get taller. I didn’t see any advice for shaping.

Looking at the Corgi pattern, there is a lot of shaping in small spaces: the faces and ears especially. Since you’ve said elsewhere that you’ve just this weekend started to learn how to crochet, I’d suggest making a note of the sts needed to make the Corgis and putting them front and center in your learning plan.

Then, when you feel confident about those sts, come back to the pattern. It should only take a few weeks, depending on the other demands on your time, so not too long!

Get all the other supplies you need: are there hardware fasteners required for the joints? plastic nose/eyes? special yarn you want for the colors? special-sized hook(s)? These can all be put into a dedicated project bag together with the Corgi pattern. That way, just as soon as you feel you have those required stitches under control, you can pick up the Corgi project bag and take off!

Happy learning! :slight_smile:


Thank you. That’s kind of what I was doing - I read through the pattern carefully and made notes of what I need to practice most. I’ve already made 4 small round objects practicing something else. And I have a 4 foot strip of alternating stitches, like sc, half dc, dc, and treble. Because I do other crafts and started knitting other toys, I already have most of the supplies I need. But that is a great suggestion, to get it all together so when I’m ready I can just jump on it.

These are the stitches used and I already feel comfortable with most of them individually so it’s just to put it all together and shape it right. The only thing not done is the decreases but I don’t think it’ll be a problem. I’ve watched the videos and it doesn’t seem difficult.

terms Ch: chain C ring: collapsible ring Hdc: half double crochet Sc: single crochet 2sctog: 2 single crochets together (decrease) 3sctog: three single crochets together (de- crease over 3 stitches) Sl st: slip stitch St: stitch Tr: treble crochet

:woohoo: Crochet them! You’ll see it’s no big deal and it’ll open up soooo many possibilities!

I think I will crochet those little cuties. :slight_smile:

I recall seeing a knit pattern for the Corgi. Both the knit and crochet ones are adorable. This pattern uses Rowan Cashsoft wool yarn, which is a DK weight.

Btw, we have a tricolor Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

Our dog looks similar to this one:

You can also get a pattern from this book:

It’s called “Knit Your Own Dog: Easy Patterns to Follow for 25 Pedigree Pooches”. According to the Table of Contents page, there is a pattern in there for a corgi.

hth, knitcindy

Unfortunately I don’t like the knit version as much. The crochet version I found is so much more realistic for the Cardigans.

This is my handsome guy Sax.

Tried to see if I could get this at the library to see a picture but couldn’t. Maybe I’ll find someone who can post just the photo from the book.

Thanks for the find!

Fyi, the pattern link I gave you IS the pattern from Best in Show.